Frequently Asked Questions


What items are prohibited?

Answer: Any items required by law to be properly disposed of. These items include: Hazardous materials, Asbestos,  Batteries, Chemicals, Pesticides, Drums, Liquids. Please see full list on the rental agreement for all prohibited items.  


How does it get delivered and picked up?

Answer: Once you select a size from our sizing chart, simply reserve a dumpster, and have an area at the site clear of debris and obstruction for us to drop the dumpster with our specialized delivery truck. Once the unit is full and ready for pick-up, notify us by calling or email the number on this website, and we will schedule your pickup.


Do I need a Permit?

Answer: You typically do not need a permit to rent a dumpster. However, If you plan to place a dumpster in a city street or public area, you may be required to obtain a permit. Please check with your local city ordinances to find out if you need a permit prior to renting your dumpster.


How does payment Work?

Answer: Upon a signed rental agreement, a date for delivery will be set, when the truck is ready to deliver the dumpster, we will charge a credit card number and the dumpster will be delivered.


What size should I get?

Answer: Please refer to our sizing and weight charts under the “Dumpster Guide” tab, or feel free to give us a call.


How does a charity benefit from my rental?

Answer: We have made a promise to give back every time a dumpster is rented. Since you are the one renting, the choice is yours. You select the organization, and we will place the donation in your name, so that you receive the blessing from your generosity. You will be provided a receipt for your contribution.  We have a list of organizations on our site, but you are welcome to choose the organization most meaningful to you.


What if I need help loading the debris into my dumpster?

Answer: We have crews available to help you with the cleanup process. If you need a assistance with a cleanup, please feel free to call us to discuss you needs.

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A charitable donation is provided with each rental. The customer has the option for the donation to be made in their name.

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